How To Keep A Tennis Diary - Essential Tennis Podcast #292

August 13, 2018

A “tennis diary” is the perfect way to track your improvement, optimize your practice sessions, and troubleshoot your opponents so you can win more matches. In this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast you’ll learn the top 5 things to track, record, and document to give you the best tennis results as fast as possible. A small time investment on your new diary can reap huge breakthroughs if you focus on the right things!


How To Find Tennis Happiness - Essential Tennis Podcast #291

August 6, 2018

Ever get frustrated with your tennis development? Did you set out to make it to a certain level or play on a certain team but it feels like you’re stuck in a rut? If so this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is a critical listen because it discusses the importance of focusing on the right things to maintain your happiness and enjoyment of the sport. The wrong perspective can lead you down a path of dissatisfaction and anger, just like it did for me. Hopefully the stories told in today’s episode can help you shift your mindset and find more fulfillment in the sport you love!


How To Handle Tennis Cheaters - Essential Tennis Podcast #290

July 2, 2018

If you’ve ever been cheated out of a point in tennis then this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is critical to listen to! You’ll learn how often bad calls are made (it’s probably a lot more than you think), how to deal with them in the middle of a match, and even what the “Nuclear Option” is for when things get really, really ugly. More than likely you’ll be surprised at what I have to say and what the other ET coaches think. If you play competitive tennis at all then don’t miss this coaching.


Tennis Gear Myths BUSTED - Essential Tennis Podcast #289

June 18, 2018

DON’T buy a new racquet until you listen to this podcast! You’ll learn if that new frame technology can actually provide additional power, spin, and accuracy or if it’s all marketing talk. You’ll also hear Ian’s recommendation for frame and string specs from beginner all the way up to advanced tennis players. Whether you’re in the market for a new frame or simply want to optimize what you already have this is the episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast you’ve been waiting for!


Don’t Listen To Tennis Haters - Essential Tennis Podcast #288

June 11, 2018

If you’ve ever had a hitting partner, teammate, or any other peer razz you for working hard to make changes to your game then today’s episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is a must listen! Recently I’ve had several different VIP students of ours share stories about their peers making fun of their improvements efforts and I think a mindset check it critical to deflecting those kinds of comments. You’ll learn why you’re special, why understanding motivations is key, and how to stay focused on your own tennis goals.


Andy Murray’s Secret Match Notes - Essential Tennis Podcast #287

June 4, 2018

Ever wonder what the pros are telling themselves during a match? Thanks to a sneaky courtside reporter now we know EXACTLY what Andy Murray was trying to keep in mind during one of his matches and the list he made for himself is super revealing! In this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast you’ll learn which of those 10 elements apply to you, which don’t, and what you should be focusing on during your next match.


How To Use An Online Tennis Course - Essential Tennis Podcast #286

May 29, 2018

If you've ever wondered how to BEST make use of a digital tennis training program then this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is a must listen! You'll learn the big mistakes most players make after signing up for online coaching plus a four step process to follow so you can make the most of your investment.


She LOST Her New Forehand! - Essential Tennis Podcast #285

May 21, 2018

Ever take a great tennis lesson only to have all your improvements go down the drain in your next match? If so today’s episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is a MUST listen! Ian tells the story of a recent student who made incredible improvements only to have them disappear 24 hours later. You’ll learn what he did to fix the problem, what you can learn from that story, and three practical application points to help you continue your tennis advancement.


The Tennis Knowledge Deception - Essential Tennis Podcast #284

May 14, 2018

Today you’ll hear the story of one of our recent VIP students who was very much a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” case. She had an unusual disconnect between her practice service swings and her “real” serves that provides a perfect illustration for tennis players and coaches everywhere. If you take improvement seriously then this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is critical to understand because it explains why so much good information goes completely to waste on the court.


Broken Tennis String Opportunity - Essential Tennis Podcast #283

May 7, 2018

What’s your reaction when you break a string on your last racquet? Or you have a match on a windy day? Or your opponent has a style that you hate? We’re all faced with challenges every single time we step onto the court. The question is how do we respond! Today’s episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast features a story about the ET pros hitting outside for the very first time. Find out how Kevin dealt with breaking a string and what you can learn from his challenge.