Defeating the Yips - Essential Tennis Podcast #309

January 17, 2019

Has one of your tennis strokes fallen into a jerky, twitching mess of hitches and hiccups? If so you’re not alone, and this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast has the solution! You’ll learn how to regain confidence in your wayward stroke, find the smoothness you used to have, and finally break free to better habits.


Gigi Fernandez talks Mental Toughness- Essential Tennis Podcast #308

January 8, 2019

Today’s guest has had her share of mental tennis challenges on her way to winning 17 Grand Slam trophies, two Olympic gold medals, and 69 career doubles titles on the pro tour! Gigi Fernandez opens up about her past struggles with angry outbursts on the court, the key mindsets and habits that turned it all around for her, and also the practical advice that she now gives her recreational level students who come to her for advice. Find out exactly what goes through the head of an elite, world class competitor on this special episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast so you can take what Gigi learned and apply it to your own game!


5 Principles For Tiebreaker Success - Essential Tennis Podcast #307

January 1, 2019

Do you hate playing tiebreakers in tennis? This episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast will arm you with the techniques, tactics, and mindsets needed to be successful! You’ll learn the two biggest mistakes players make that sabotage their chances of winning tiebreakers, the single most effective strategy to use, and even the mental toughness key needed to maximize your chances of winning. It’s time you learn how to WIN these critical points.


Dominate Your Opponent’s Backhand - Essential Tennis Podcast #306

December 11, 2018

Picking on an opponent’s backhand can be one of the most effective tactics in all of tennis! In this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast you’ll learn FIVE different plays that you can use to exploit the weak side of the players you square off against, including a wildcard that adds a tremendous amount of flexibility to how you’re able to keep them uncomfortable. Implement any one or two of them to gain the upper hand and win more matches now!


Get Your Tennis Stroke Unstuck - Essential Tennis Podcast #305

December 5, 2018

Do you have a tennis stroke that’s been stuck for weeks? Or maybe you feel like your whole game is in a rut even though you’ve been working hard to advance? This episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast has the solution! It outlines 5 simple but critical things that are needed to continue moving from level to level in the game of tennis. Unfortunately most players don’t take advantage of any of them, but that stops now!


The Secret To Tennis Happiness - Essential Tennis Podcast #304

November 27, 2018

If you’re constantly disappointed in your progress on the tennis court then this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is incredibly important to listen to. You’ll learn why your relationship to “left arrows” and “right arrows” explain whether or not you’ll be happy in tennis, how failures can lead to more fulfillment on the court, and why your perspective on the game at large has everything to do with which path you take year after year.


Best Doubles Of My Life! - Essential Tennis Podcast #303

November 20, 2018

My junior year of NCAA tennis thrust me into a crazy situation that unexpectedly produced the best doubles of my life. In this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast I'll unpack the top 6 lessons I learned from my experience. Practical mindset, tactics, and strategy insights that you can implement in your very next doubles match!


Roger Federer Mindset Secrets - Essential Tennis Podcast #302

November 6, 2018

What goes on in the mind of a great champion like Roger Federer? Is it all positivity, forward progress, and confidence? Nope! This episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast breaks down an insightful interview that Roger gave talking about being mentally fit. You’ll learn how it deals with nervousness, distractions, and what he feels is most important to strive for each and every time he steps onto a court. Hope you find these insights inspiring and easy to put into practice!


Eliminate Huge Tennis Momentum Swings! - Essential Tennis Podcast #301

October 30, 2018

Ever win the first set of a tennis match 6-1 only to lose the next one 1-6? What’s up with that?! In this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast you’ll learn why those shifts in momentum are actually much easier to come about than you think and what mindset you should have around lopsided scores has they travel back and forth. You’ll also learn exactly which singles and doubles patterns of play will insulate you the most from big momentum swings.


Maximizing Your Tennis Training Calendar - Essential Tennis Podcast #300

October 17, 2018

How many times per week should you be playing matches if you want to improve your tennis game? How about practicing or working out off the court? Mixing and matching those elements with the right ratios is critical to your ongoing development and in this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast you’ll learn exactly how to do that. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, so you can maximize your efforts and break free to the next level!