The ULTIMATE Tool For Tennis Improvement - Essential Tennis Podcast #281

April 23, 2018

Thousands of tennis players all over the world have heard me recommend a specific improvement tool that I’ve said over and over is the single most powerful thing they can do to advance their tennis game...but STILL haven’t done it! Today’s episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast tells the story of a specific student who finally pulled the trigger and is now reaping the rewards. Plus, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the technology he’s using.


Solving Unforced Errors - Essential Tennis Podcast #280

April 16, 2018

Most tennis singles and doubles points end with an error! That means if you spend time minimizing them your results will improve which is exactly what this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast will tell you how to do. You’ll learn exactly what an unforced error is, what causes them, and how to minimize them through proper training and mindset.


Roger Federer Tactics Tennis Lesson Podcast - Essential Tennis Podcast #279

April 9, 2018

I recently had the privilege of watching a Roger Federer match up close and personal. It was on a day where his performance was well below his standards which made for an extremely instructive viewing experience, especially hearing his comments after the match. In this episode of the Essential Tennis podcast I’ll be breaking down what happened and sharing the 4 lessons that you can learn from his challenging day.


How To Improve Beyond 4.0 - Tennis Coaching Podcast - Essential Tennis Podcast #278

April 2, 2018

What’s the REAL difference between where you are now and the next level of tennis performance? Not many players realize how incredibly deep the game of tennis is, or how many layers of execution there are. This episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is dedicated to helping amateur players understand where they fit in the grand scheme of things and letting them know what needs to be focused on to break through the 4.0 level and beyond to higher levels of play.


How To Find The Perfect Tennis Pro - Essential Tennis Podcast #277

February 5, 2018

Ever feel like you and your tennis pro have completely different ideas about what a tennis lesson should be, what it should focus on, and how you can best reach your goals? That’s because tennis players and teachers can have huge contrasts in what they value: short term vs long term. Fun vs improvement. Social vs business. This episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast will define each main type of student and teacher, so you can figure out which you are an what type of lesson relationship you should be looking for!


What To Do When You Don’t Feel Tennis Improvement - Essential Tennis Podcast #276

January 29, 2018

Have you been taking lessons for months or maybe even years but you’re not sure if you’re any better than when you started? Have you hit a million balls but you don’t FEEL any improvement in your game? If so this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is a must listen. Ian explains why all students “don’t get it” at first when they’re learning something new, and why two elements MUST be present at the same time for any advancement to take place.


How To End Tennis Coach Overwhelm - Essential Tennis Podcast #275

January 8, 2018

Tired of being told that everybody else is “wrong” each time you try another tennis pro? If so this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is a must listen so you can build a clear perspective of the game of tennis, the pressures coaches have to compete with each other, and what you should be doing to take personal responsibility of your own improvement journey to get the most out of tennis possible. You’ll learn exactly how to pick a coach, communicate with them, and what the signs are that it’s time to move on!


Top 10 Ways To Make 2018 Your Best Tennis Year EVER - Essential Tennis Podcast #274

January 1, 2018

This is the ultimate checklist for tennis success in 2018! Listen as Ian counts down his top ten tools, mindsets, processes, and approaches to learning that have made the biggest difference in his students over the past twelve months. Use any 5 of them in the New Year that you’ll see a huge difference in your game. Use all 10 and you’ll have the best tennis year of your life! Thanks for another year of support for the Essential Tennis Podcast.


Learn Your Tennis “Why” For More Happiness and Fulfillment - Essential Tennis Podcast #273

December 18, 2017

If you’re like most tennis players you judge your success in wins and losses, or your NTRP rating, or which team you play on. Big mistake if you want to stay happy and fulfilled on the court for years to come! In this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast Ian describes how finding his tennis “why” transformed his perspective on the game and as a result his happiness on the court. Find out how you can learn your own “why” now.


Tennis Player “Rating Distortion Syndrome”?? - Essential Tennis Podcast #272

December 11, 2017

There’s an epidemic of low game awareness among tennis players of all levels and more than likely it’s keeping YOU from improving! In this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast you’ll learn the symptoms of “Rating Distortion Syndrome”, what causes it, and how you can start recovering from it today. Treatment will not only improve your tennis results dramatically but also make you a more connected player with your peers.